Bin Whip/Drill 

Bin whip/drilling is a specialized technique used for cleaning and clearing material buildup in storage silos, bins, and hoppers. When confined space entry is not an option due to safety concerns or operational constraints, bin whipping offers a safer, more efficient alternative. This method utilizes a remotely controlled, flexible whip system that breaks up and dislodges stubborn materials, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of stored products and maintaining the structural integrity of the storage units.

Key Components of Bin Whip/Drilling

  • No Confined Space Entry: Eliminates the need for personnel to enter confined spaces, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and exposure to hazardous conditions.
  • Remote Operation: Operated from a safe distance, ensuring the safety of the operators while effectively clearing material buildup.
  • Thorough Cleaning: Effectively breaks up and removes even the most stubborn material buildup, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted flow of stored products.
  • Minimizes Downtime: Rapid and efficient cleaning process reduces downtime, allowing for quick resumption of normal operations.
    • Adaptable to Various Materials: Capable of handling a wide range of materials, including grains, powders, cement, and other bulk products.
    • Customizable: Adjustable whip heads and control settings allow for tailored cleaning solutions based on the specific requirements of the storage unit.
    • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Prevents costly repairs and maintenance by regularly clearing material buildup and maintaining the structural integrity of storage units.
    • Longevity of Equipment: Extends the life of storage silos and bins by preventing material compaction and structural stress.

    Applications of Bin Whip/Drilling

    • Grain Bins: Clearing blockages and buildup in grain storage bins to ensure smooth flow and prevent spoilage.
    • Feed Silos: Maintaining feed silos for livestock operations by removing caked and compacted materials.
    • Cement Silos: Breaking up hardened cement in silos to ensure continuous supply for manufacturing processes.
    • Powder Storage: Clearing buildup in storage units for powders and fine materials used in various industrial applications.
      • Ore Bins: Removing buildup in ore storage bins to maintain efficient operations in mining facilities.
      • Mineral Silos: Clearing material compaction in silos storing various minerals and aggregates.
      • Ingredient Bins: Maintaining the flow of ingredients in food processing plants by regularly cleaning storage bins.
      • Sugar and Flour Silos: Preventing compaction and ensuring smooth flow of sugar, flour, and other bulk ingredients.

      Bin whip/drilling is a vital service for maintaining the efficiency and safety of storage silos, bins, and hoppers. By eliminating the need for confined space entry, it offers a safer and more effective solution for clearing material buildup. This method ensures thorough cleaning, minimizes downtime, and extends the life of storage equipment, making it an essential part of industrial and agricultural operations. Contact EGM, Inc. to learn more about our professional bin whip/drilling services and how we can help maintain your storage systems.