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Environmental Group Management is dedicated to maintaining and growing its reputation as a full-service environmental and facility maintenance organization focused on industrial, agricultural and processing facilities who share the goal of optimizing waste stream reduction and maintaining safe and sanitary working conditions for employees and the communities where a facility is located.

Environmental Group Management works with preeminent companies in the agricultural, industrial and processing industries, providing them timely and cost-effective solutions for facilities maintenance, waste stream disposal, and sanitation. Our experts know the unique challenges facing companies in varied industries striving to manage production processes in a responsible and low impact way, and we’re ready to help yours.

Whether you’re trying to manage an emergency spill event, maintain facilities and regulatory compliance, or manage removal and disposal of production by-products, no challenge is too big.  EGM will bring the state-of-the-art tools and knowledge to maintain production and bulk storage operations efficiency, prevent interruption of operations, safely dispose of waste materials and maintain a safe and sanitary environment for workers and your community.

What We Do

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Hazardous Materials

Our staff is trained to perform emergency cleanups and handle contaminated soil.  They professionally clean the affected areas and safely remove any dangerous materials to an appropriate location.

Tank and Silo Cleaning

EGM professionals routinely clean silos and, tanks, and grain producing equipment.  Because of our attention to detail, we are able to remove residue and sludge, and properly clean the equipment meeting and exceeding all requirements.