Bins, Tanks, Processing Facilities

Silo & Bin Cleaning

Maintaining bulk storage bins and silos clean is an ongoing challenge for feed mills and grain eleva­tors and feed additive producers. Environmental Group Management is experienced in removing the  buildup inside storage and processing facilities, regardless of the commodity.  Buildups impede movement in and out of the storage facility and reduce storage capacity. An obstruction can disable a facility entirely.

EGM has trained teams experienced in the agricultural facilities sector using the most modern equipment and methods including dry vac removal, wet washing and 20K pressure washing. Scheduled cleanings is a preventative routine that eliminates the chances of work stoppages which often happens when the greatest demand is placed on the storage system.

EGM estimates about 50% of calls are crisis calls which could be prevented with routine maintenance.  Scheduled cleanouts and routine inspections are the first line of defense for maintaining maximum efficiency.

Maintain maximum efficiency, quality of commodity and ensure the safety of facility staff.  Call EGM today for an evaluation fo you facility and pricing for regular maintenance.